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1975105 650474331655142 713089703 nDetermined to find a good feed this week, I hatched a cunning plan. I had three matches written down on a short list with Heidelberg being where the dart landed on the map this week. 

The three matches were Stars -v- Corio (SL2NW), Eagles -v- Plenty Valley (SL4N) & United -v- Cairnlea (WPL). The plan was to get into the area early and scout out the feed at each venue then decide which matches I would photograph afterwards.

Then came the spanner, on Thursday night I received a request to attend the local derby between Darebin and West Preston, with the lure of their being 60kg of Gyros plus a Lamb on the spit! For my regular readers (for which I only learnt on the weekend that my father was one. Hi Dad!), I did do a report on Darebin last year, but remembering how nice a Souv I had there plus the fact it was a local derby made me adjust my plans.

The new plan was still on-the-fly, all the matches previously mentioned remained on my list, I still wanted to eat at a new venue, but Darebin became the ace up my sleeve.

I headed out a bit later than I had originally planned and set the GPS on my phone to Darebins Ground in case it took me a bit longer that I expected to get there. Approaching the end of the Eastern Fwy I noticed that my phone had frozen (Galaxy S2, time for an upgrade, any recommendations? I'm looking at a Nexus 5...) after rebooting I reset my direction to Cartledge Reserve, probably the closest ground to my current position and home of SL2NW Heidelberg Stars.

I pulled up and scouted the Canteen out, the BBQ was on and going, but it looked like there was just your standard sausages on offer, I approached the canteen for a closer look, but there was no menu and no other food or condiments visible so I got a bottle of water (didn't want to look weird ;p) and jumped back in the car.

Now the big decision, I could only get to one more ground, probably Heidelberg Eagles who I assume are Albanian and would probably have cevapi on the menu, or Darebin and the guarantee of a decent Souv as well as a local derby...

Parking was non-existent at Apollo, there is no carpark at the reserve, and every side street was crammed with cars as far as the eye could see! I still luckily found a space reasonably close and headed across to see the setup, and my word, what a setup...

Boom! (pic from Darebin FB Page)

I went to the window to order, Kransky was also on the menu but it didn't even enter into my head to deviate. I found a little patch of grass behind one of the goals and inhaled it like Patrick Star eating Krabby Patties.

At the time I think I could of done as many Souvs...

It was pretty much identical to last time which is great that they are consistent. Pity I wasn't able to hang around and try out the lamb. I assume it was for after the match but I did want to get to a second game, plus I had a dinner to go to straight afterwards. It wouldn't of been a good look if I had of filled up on Lamb spit, although I hardly think I would of regretted it.