Melbourne Tornado2We have talked about some of the clubs making the move from outside leagues to the FFV but here is one club that has left the FFV and is heading to the VicSoccer Leagues. When the draft for the FFV State Leagues was released one name was missing from the list.

It now appears that Melbourne Tornado has left the FFV State League 5 West and is moving to the VicSoccer League.

This is a major coup for VicSoccer as some other clubs may just see how Melbourne Tornado move to the VicSoccer goes for them.

One of the possible reasons discussed on the is the cost of participating in the FFV State League in comparison to playing the other leagues like VicSoccer and the Bayside FA.

Melbourne Tornado had also early announced that they had come to terms with Melbourne Knights and will be playing home games from Knights Stadium.

Attempted to get a comment from Melbourne Tornado but got snubbed.

On a side note another club missing from the FFV State Leagues is Sunshine Heights Western Tigers. I have no news on what happened to that club.

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