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Venue Drouin

This venue has four full size pitches with the one showing in these photos used for the seniors. The club had struggled when they participated in the Gippsland Central League but a shift to the South Division has reap rewards including winning the League Championship from 2011-2013 and the Grand Finals in 2012-2013.

154 LatrobeCityOpened in 1981 Latrobe City Stadium was once home to the Morwell Falcons who paritcipated in the National Soccer League. The venue is now home to the Gippsland Soccer League club Falcons 2000 who are an offshoot club from the Morwell Falcons, or as they were last known as Eastern Pride.

Venue Fortuna

Crinigan Road Reserve is the home of one of the most successful clubs in the Gippsland Soccer League. Forunta 60 for a long period of time dominated the league along with Churchill United.

188 MoeOlympic Park in Moe is home to Moe United. Since these photos were taken their has been some upgrades to the pavilion and clubrooms.

035 Monash2

This is the home of Gippsland Soccer League's Monash Soccer Club. The main pitch was in great condition when these photos were taken during the 2015 Football Chaos Cup. Their is a second pitch but not in the same conditiion. It also holds two pre-season tournaments including the Football Chaos Cup and the Energy Australia Shield.

Venue Sale

Godfrey Baldwin Reserve is home to Gippsland Soccer League club Sale United and is the only club within its shire. The main pitch appears to be dedicated to football.

Venue Olympians

This is one of the few rare venues you will find seating and even better they are undercover. Home of Traralgon Olympians, this venue is also equipped to host night matches. Next door to this pitch is the home of Traralgon City.