Monash Reserve (Drone)



This is the home of Gippsland Soccer League’s Monash Soccer Club. The main pitch was in great condition when these photos were taken during the 2015 Football Chaos Cup. Their is a second pitch but not in the same condition. It also holds two pre-season tournaments including the Football Chaos Cup and the Energy Australia Shield.

For a long period of time this venue was for Newborough and Yallourn United till until around 2010. Monash Soccer Club then moved from the adjacent oval to this venue. Originally there was a push to merge not only the Newborough and Yallourn United clubs – in which they did – but to included Monash to make one team in Newborough. Monash declined that offer.

Recently Monash reached the grand final during the 2013 GSL season, their best season in many years.
Venue:Monash Reserve
Address: Monash Road, Newborough
Home Club:Monash "Wolves" SC