Fairfield Park


Fairfield Park is the home to Fitzroy City and to Yarra Jets Junior’s and Women’s. The venue has had a signification upgrade to the pavilion and to the pitches, one senior and one junior recently.

In the past Fitzroy City had to host games from Olympic Village, Ross Reserve and the Polish Sporting Club during their glory days when they reached as high as the Premier League, and because of venue regulations Fairfield Park was not up to scratch for that level at that time.

Now with the requirements for the State Leagues being reduced Fitzroy City should be able to call Fairfield Park home for many years to come. Was originally listed to host night matches during the 2015 season but was later reverted to day ones.

Venue:Fairfield Park
Address:Yarra Bend Rd, Fairfield
Home Clubs:Fitzroy City
Yarra Jets Women's