Edithvale Recreation Reserve

Edithvale Recreation Reserve (aka HD Thomas Reserve ) has gone under a major development over recent years that included a much needed new pavilion and other works around the area to the cost of $3.8 million. The new pavilion was officially opened on Friday the 21st February 2014.

Chelsea FC is the tenant for the football, a club that was formed after the previous club Chelsea Hajduk merged with Dandenong City and kept the former name. Chelsea FC had for a time also been known as Bayside Knights.

Their are three full size football pitches with the main pitch in inside a velodrome, the velodrome is used by the Chelsea and Peninsula Cycling Club. A baseball pitch is also a part of the complex that is used by the Chelsea Baseball Club.

The pavilion itself is perhaps to far to be able to incorporated into the match day experience as it is situated a fair distance from the main pitch but compared to what was there before I am sure no one involved with the Chelsea FC would complain.
Venue:HD Thomas Reserve
Football Pitches:3
Address:Edithvale Road, Edithvale, VIC
Home Club:Chelsea FC