Today: Bayside Argonauts v Rosebud Heart

Shipston Reserve back in 2011. The pavilion in the background has since been replaced.

Today will be the first time I head to Shipston Reserve in Cheltenham for some considerable time. The last time was six years ago in 2011 (I had to youtube the video to even figure out the year) and back then the leagues was still in the State/Provisional league set up with the contest from the Provisional League 2 SE.

Since then a new pavilion has been constructed replacing the old and by images it looks a decent one to. The venue itself is rather picturesque with tress and banking sounding the two pitches.

Back to today and the match will be between the host Bayside Argonauts and Rosebud Heart from the FFV State League 4 South. While the distance between the two teams are considerable it is the fact that because the top five or six teams are so close together and only one guaranteed spot for promotion then even game is a must win, especially for Bayside as they are second.

So now to sort of them myriad of cameras I have and work out which ones to use today. No drone as the venue is too close to the airport.

It will also give me a chance to update my images of this venue.

Bayside Argonauts v Seaford United – 2011