2017 All Nations Cup – Week 1 Report

The Sporting Wall


On Saturday, Egan Lee Reserve played host to the kick off of the festival of football with day one of the 2017 All Nations Cup.

Teams and spectators turned up in their numbers to celebrate cultural diversity and the world game with Chile, Greece, Somalia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Iraq, England, Wales, Italy and Nigeria kicking off their campaigns. Throughout the day respects were paid for Remembrance Day with a minute of silence prior to the commencement of each match.

The tournament began with a highly entertaining match up between Chile and Greece, with Greece edging out their opponent with a 4-3 win. The back and forth, highly skilled contest had plenty of NPL stars on show and presented both teams as being major Cup contenders.

Final Score: Chile 3-4 Greece

BOG: George Stavridis (3), Joseph Katebian (2), James Karvelis (1)

Two one-sided affairs followed the first match with Somalia defeating Eritrea with a massive 6-0 win and South Sudan taking the points after a 6-2 take down of Iraq. All four participating teams put in a valiant effort, but both winning sides showcased an all round dominance with Somalia scoring 4-0 first half goals, and the South Sudanese netting 3-0 second half goals. Both Somalia and South Sudan announced themselves as ones to watch.

Final Score: Somalia 6-0 Eritrea

BOG: Sami Nour (3), Mohamed Habib (2), Nelson Salvatore (1)

Final Score: South Sudan 6-2 Iraq

BOG: Peter Malesh (3), Maximo Naveiro (2), Deny Sadik (1)

The fourth match saw the battle of the Brits with Wales and England facing off against each other. The newcomers, Wales, put up a good fight, but last year’s semi finalist’s proved too good with England getting the win after a 4-2 defeat. Despite England’s Chris Duncan going down with injury, a stand out performance from Sam Orritt assured the English with the win. A great start could see England going one better this year.

Final Score: Wales 2-4 Wales

BOG: Sam Orritt (3), Nick Stamatiou (2), Ross Clark (1)

Another team of stars, Italy, showcased their finesse as they ended the day with a 2-0 win against fan favourites Nigeria. The Italians took early control with both, and winning, goals being scored within the first 14 minutes by NPL big name Damian Iaconis. Italy is yet another early threat within the tournament.

Final Score: Italy 2-0 Nigeria

BOG: Alex Connell (3), Jefferson Hoff (2) Shayan Alinejad (1)

Sunday’s Results:

Final Score: Japan 1-3 France

BOG: Hiroyoki Nagatomi (3), Jordan Brown (2), Ari Ritz (1)

Final Score: Albania 3-1 South Africa

BOG: Rini Muriqi (3), Ibraim Ibraimi (2), James Neighbour (1)

Final Score: Turkey 1-0 Australia

BOG: Ahmet Turer (3), Mehmet Balci (2), Dimitar Mitkov (1)

Final Score: Serbia 5-1 Seychelles

BOG: Milos Lujic (3), Gorah Zoric (2), Velibor Mitrovic (1)

Final Score: Mauritius 1-3 Scotland

BOG: Aaran Currie (3), Liam Baxter (2), Alex Metcalfe (1)