A Look Back : Calabria Club in Bulla

Recently I rediscovered photos I took back in 2003 of a venue that is rather remote and would have been even more so in its day. The venue is located in Bulla, just slightly North west of the Melbourne Airport and is part of the Calabira Club Melbourne set up.

It was home originally to Regent-Bulla up until around 1998 when the club merged with Thomastown and was called briefly Thomastown Regent Raiders. After many many more name changes and at least one more merger they are now the currently day Whittlesea Ranges in the National Premier Leagues. A record of Regent-Bulla league history can be found here on the Oz-Football website.

After Regent-Bulla it was Albion Rovers that hosted games there between 2000 to 2003 with the club participating in the VSF State League 1. Albion Rovers were a bit of a Nomad club back then but have found a permanent home and are call Cairnlea.

Now I thought that was the last club to have played there but I was informed on twitter that Light United, a club that is now defunct, hosted games there in 2006 in the Provisional League 3 NW.

No doubt their is perhaps so much more to write up about it but that is about all the info I have.

The pitch is still there today but is no longer used for football but instead is home to the Bulla Dog Exhibition Centre. Anyhow here are some photos of the venue as it was in 2003.