Mill Park merges with Sporting Whittlesea FC.

Mill Park Soccer Club has merged with Sporting Whittlesea FC according to this announcement and will keep the name Mill Park. This will mean the new club will participate in the State 2 NW as that is where the highest placed of the two teams were. In doing so this will create a vacancy in the State League 4 division where this rule will apply…

a. The highest finishing Team which is to be, or has been, relegated in
accordance with these Regulations from the Division in which the vacancy arises;

This has caused confusing in the past as a team from a different division but on the same level, state 4 for example, was given the go ahead to stay up because it has the highest points.

So if the team in from the exact division Mill Park was in which was State 4 North then Brunswick Zebras stay up. If it from an overall State 4 then Newmarket Phoenix stays up as they had the most points. Confused!