New clubs included in latest FFV Draft Structures.

Boronia joins the FFV State Leagues.

The latest draft for league structures was released yesterday that includes the newly admitted clubs Mount Waverley City Soccer​, Boronia Soccer Club​, Barwon Soccer Club​, Westside Strikers FC​, West Point Soccer Club​, Knox United Soccer Club​ and Alphington Football Club​.

The State League 5 divisions are now at 13 teams each which wont work unless they play each other twice. If they play each other twice that adds four rounds otherwise if they play the same amount of rounds as a 12 team division then some clubs will play less games than others. This happened a few years back which became a major issue and the league was cut short.

Also the merger between Mill Park and Sporting Whittlesea has not taken effect of the latest structure and we can expect a few more teams to join the State Leagues.

According to the FFV Regulations they can expand a State League 5 division to….. 22 TEAMS!