2018 Make or Break.

As the heading suggests this is going to be a make or break year for Football Chaos. This project is now entering the tenth year of its existence and finally the cost of it is getting to a point where I either just get by or it comes to an end.

Already this year I have had to fork out 2k for a new computer, $140 towards Adobe, $220 towards new Chaos shirts, $70 towards new music and after effects but the biggest one will be requiring a new video camera ($2.5k plus).

I cannot and will not ask for the same people, clubs to help support by donating. That just to me is all wrong, either I can run it without help or don’t run it at all. So to make myself clear this is not a post to gain funds.

The current camera is around six years old now and faults have been appearing. I cannot even turn it off without pulling out the battery! I am currently about to purchase a new battery for the Chaos Cup as my main one has sort of died! Now if the current camera dies then it could be a blackout until I can afford a new one.

The problem with me I have always put passion before money and that is perhaps why Football Chaos has been so well received over the years but by doing so if you don’t keep it simple then the cost can quickly turn against you. Putting money into out of my pocket is not too much of a concern until the cost starts to affect my life elsewhere. Still I absolutely love what I do!

If the videos where not so well received then it would be very easy to walk away, but they are well viewed!

One question I do get asked a lot is to the FFV support me, to make it very clear the FFV has never put towards a cent and I have never asked. I have always stayed clear of creating circumstances that makes me less independent so I have never approached football leagues for support. Maybe I could get a sponsor, but sponsors don’t last and sooner more than later I would be searching for more money and that takes time I just don’t have.

So if i can get through this year then all should be right for years to come after it. Fingers cross hey!

THIS IS NOT A POST FOR SYMPATHY, just one that is pointing out simple facts. Writing this article helps me to reflect on the state of chaos!