2018 Unlock Real Estate Chaos Cup : Fixtures


All the teams that have entered the 2018 Woman’s Chaos Cup have been drawn at random from 1-8. The teams have been listed and split in half to form pool A and pool B.

Pool A Pool B
  • Boronia SC
1. Morwell Pegues
  • Pakenham United
2. Blackburn Newhope
  • Berwick City
3. Berwick Churches
  • Eltham Redbacks
4.  Harrisfield Hurricanes

Each game will have 2 x 20 min halves and 5 min half time. There will be 20 minutes between each game. The kick of times are listed below. The start of each game will be sounded by an air horn, followed by the referees whistle. Teams are expected to be on the field and ready to start by this time. For every 3 min of game delay, the offending team will be penalised and 1 goal awarded to the other team.

3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. There will be no added time. The top two teams from each pool will progress to the finals. If more than one team finished on the same points the winner shall be decided by;

  • Superior goal difference, if the same then,
  • Superior goals scored, if the same then,
  • Head to head score (winner of group stage game) if a draw then,
  • Sudden death penalty shoot out

If the Semi-final or Grand final result in a draw, the winner will be determined by a penalty shootout (best of 5, then sudden death). There will be no added time.

Game Kick Off Pool A Pool B
Game 1 – 9:30AM 1 V 2

Boronia SC V Pakenham United

Synthetic Pitch 1

1 v 2

Morwell Pegues V Blackburn Newhope

Grass Pitch 2

Game 2 – 10:35AM 3 v 4

Berwick City v Eltham Redbacks

Synthetic Pitch 1

3 v 4

Berwick Churches v Harrisfield Hurricanes

Grass pitch 2

Game 3 – 11:40AM 1 v 3

Boronia SC v Berwick City

Grass Pitch 2

1 v 3

Morwell Pegues v Berwick Churches

Synthetic Pitch 1

Game 4 – 12:45PM 4 v 2

Eltham Redbacks v Pakenham United

Grass Pitch 2

4 v 2

Harrisfield v Blackburn Newhope

Synthetic Pitch 1

Game 5 – 1:50PM 1 v 4

Boronia SC v Eltham Redbacks

Synthetic Pitch 1

1 v 4

Morwell Pegues v Harrisfield Hurricanes

Grass Pitch 2

Game 6 – 2:55PM 2 v 3

Pakenham United v Berwick City

Grass Pitch 2

2 v 3

Blackburn Newhope v Berwick Churches

Synthetic Pitch 1


Semi Final – 4:15PM Semi Final 1

Pool A 1st Place V Pool B 2nd Place

Synthetic Pitch 1

Semi Final 2

Pool A 2nd Place V Pool B 1st Place

Grass Pitch 2

Grand Final – 5:30PM Grand Final

Semi Final 1 Winner v Semi Final 2 Winner


6:30PM Presentation

BBQ Dinner