FFV State 4 S

Coomoora Reserve

April 2, 2018 Admin 0

Coomoora Reserve is the home of Keysborough Soccer Club. The club has access to two full size pitches and it is alternated between cricket.

FFV State 4 S

Tatterson Park

April 2, 2018 Admin 0

This is the new home of Dandenong South and what a venue it is! A new $10 million pavilion has set the bench mark of what a sporting pavilion should be. A 500 seat undercover […]

FFV State 4 S

Alex Nelson Reserve

July 4, 2016 Admin 0

Cricket one season, football the next, Alex Nelson Reserve has at least a decent playing surface. The home club is Harrisfield Hurricanes and after spending a few seasons at the Lemnos / Braeside Soccer Club […]

Bayside FA

Baxter Park (D)

July 3, 2016 Admin 1

Over the years Baxter Park has seen many improvements including very impressive new club rooms. The main pitch is a purpose build for football and just recently finally had the cricket pitch removed. Their are also three other […]

FFV State 4 S

Fotheringham Reserve

June 3, 2016 Admin 0

Fotheringham Reserve is the home of Dandenong South. The venue has one pitch that is alternated with cricket. The pavilion is set on the southern end of the goals. The current home club is Dandenong […]

FFV State 4 S

Reema Reserve (D)

May 3, 2016 Admin 0

Reema Reserve is the home for Endeavour United. The venue has two full size pitches with the pavilion set on the north side. These photos were taking during the offseason as with the Drone Footage.

Bayside FA

KM Reedy Reserve (D)

May 2, 2016 Admin 0

A purpose built facility for football, KM Reedy Reserve is the home of Hampton Park Untied Sparrows. Three full size pitches with two just been redeveloped. The club is a merger between Hampton Park Untied and […]

FFV State 4 S

Monash University Playing Fields

April 4, 2016 Admin 0

A lot has change over the years since my last visit to the Monash Uni Playing Fields including the construction of a massive building to the north of the venue as you can see in […]

FFV State 4 S

Norman Luth Reserve

April 3, 2016 Admin 0

Home of Noble Park SC, Norman Luth Reserve received a much need pavilion upgraded during 2014 and it certainly looks far better than the toilet block look of the old one! The pavilion is at […]

FFV State 4 S

Power Reserve

April 1, 2016 Admin 0

Power Reserve is the home of Endeavour Hills Fire. It has one pitched dedicated to football with the pavilion set on the east side. Their is a banking to the southern side as the pitch was place […]

FFV State 4 S

Ross Reserve

March 3, 2016 Admin 0

Ross Reserve is a football / athletic venue and has at times hosted matches as high as the Victorian Premier League. Lights are powerful enough for the home team to play matches under-lights. Undercover seating […]

FFV State 4 S

Truemans Road Recreation Reserve

March 1, 2016 Admin 0

Not since 1984 has the seaside town of Rosebud has had a senior team in the FFV State Leagues. That all changed in 2015 when Rosebud Heart joined the State League 5 South division.