Venue LawsonSituated some distance from the clubs this is an odd pitch that I would gather to sat would not be accepted if it was an FFV venue as it would be possible be considered too narrow. It has had issues with the condition of the pitch which has forced the home team Gideons Warriors from the Victorian Churches FA to play elsewhere.

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210 KCC2The fixtures for the 2016 KonQa Chaos Cup has been released. Matches start at 10am and will conclude with the Grand Final at 05:00. It takes more than skill to win this cup as endurance has a big part on who eventually holds up the trophy. Clubs from the LVSA, Bayside FA, VCFA, VicSoccer and FFV makes this one of the most unique tounaments.

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209 KCCUnfortunately North Melbourne Athletic FC has withdrawn from the 2016 KonQa Chaos Cup due to their commitment to their fixture in the FFA Cup and understandably so. The great news is that Bayside Argonauts Football Club will be fielding a team in their place.

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